Organic Silkener Pre-Softner Treatment Instructions:

Organic Silkener Pre-Softner Treatment Instructions:

Tools needed:
Organic Silkener Kit (Pre-softner, shampoo, conditioner, blow dry oil)
Ceramic Blow Dryer with comb attachment
Ceramic Flat Iron (FHI recommended)
Wide tooth comb
rat tailed comb

Step 1
Part hair into 4 sections. Apply Pre -Softner treatment to hair using applicator brush. (If transitioning apply to natural new growth only) Once applied place plastic cap over head and let product remain for 45 min. add heat for the last 20 minutes.

Step 2
Rinse hair well. Shampoo with Organic Silkener shampoo twice.

Step 3
Apply conditioner and let sit for 5 mintues. For a deep conditioner place plastic cap over hair and sit under a hooded dryer for 25 mintues or a steamer for 15 mintues.

Step 4
Rinse conditioner well.

Step 5
(Use oil and cream sparingly) Apply blow dry oil or press in cream and comb to the ends using a wide tooth comb. Proceed to blow dry hair using a comb attachment.

Step 6
Once hair is 100% dry, section hair in 4 sections and flat iron hair using small partings. (We recommend you use a FHI ceramic flat iron for best results)

Step 7
Style hair as normal.



  1. how do i purchase this product?

    • Currently it is only being offering in the salon. If you are in the Atlanta area you may book an appointment online for this service.

      • Unfortunately I live in Arkansas 😦 I been natural almost 5 years and hope I do not want to opt to getting my hair permed it is so long that natural stlyes are too much to say the least ……..

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