At Natural Hair Rocks Salon, we don’t carry a hundred different curl cremes. WHY? you may ask. That’s because over the past several years I have been experimenting with every curl creme that you could imagine. Many of the curl cremes are comparable. Example: Miss Jessie’s Buttercreme ($68) is comparable to Design Essentials Curl stretch creme ($25) Mizani moisture stretch creme( $20) is comparable to …. This is also the reason I decided to do a curl review on every curl creme on the market. So you wont have to waste your money experimenting. Let our curl expert’s at Natural Hair Rocks experiment for you. Coming soon is my online magazine The Curl Review. Subscribe to this blog to be notified when the The Curl Review drops its first issue.
Remember that when deciding to go natural, it is important to first get a consult by a licensed beauty professional that specializes in natural hair. If you reside in the Atlanta area and are seeking a natural hair stylist please call 770-639-3993 to schedule a free consult to find a curl creme that works best for you.
Natural Hair Rocks LLC


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