Transitional Style Kit

Items every transitioning woman should have. Transitioning from relaxed to all natural can be a daunting task.  Here are a few tips to help you along your journey from natural hair pro L. Mckenzie. Get a consult from a licensed professional. Make a commitment to yourself. Join a support group or form one. Find out what products […]

Today is transitioning tips Thursday

Today is transitioning tips Thursday

Be patient, transitioning from relaxed to natural can be quite a challenge. Locate a licensed natural hair specialist in your area and setup a consultation. Many salons charge a fee for a consultation. Be prepared to pay anywhere between $5.00 to $75.00 for a consultation. Many salons will allow your consult fee to be applied to […]

My visit to the World Natural Hair Show

My visit to the World Natural Hair Show

On Sunday,  I attended the World Natural Hair Show with my mini me in College Park, Ga. The cost was $10 for admission  plus $10 for parking. There were a variety of vendors retailing, clothing, products, accessories, services and much more. I stocked up on my favorite products and took advantage of show deals from […]

Five steps to going Natural

Five steps to going Natural

Five steps to going Natural:  Step 1: Begin eating healthy and drinking water (8 glasses a day) . Step 2: Make a commitment to yourself . Step 3: Schedule an appointment for a consult with a specialist. Step 4: Educate yourself on proper maintenance and products to suit your curl pattern (after your consult) . […]


THE BIG CHOP7 Myths about Natural Hair Let us begin with a few basics about natural, aka Napptural, hair. Natural hair is hair that has not had its physical properties altered by chemical processes, including, but not limited to hair relaxers, texturizers, silkeners and jherri curls. These products alter the natural texture of the hair […]

How long does it take to grow out a relaxer?

It usually takes minimum one year to grow out a relaxer. Before decided to grow out your relaxer, it’s important to first speak with a licensed professional that specializes in natural hair care. Why, cause a professional will be able to analyze your curl pattern and suggest products and services that will complement your hair. […]

Got flakes? Read this !

If you have flakes and dandruff , and you are using a medicated or special shampoo like design essentials anti itch . Remember to apply the shampoo directly to your scalp and not your hair . Simply purchase a applicator bottle from Sallys beauty for $1.00, pour shampoo inside and using small partings, apply the […]

Hair tip of the day! Unclog your bathroom sink with your favorite relaxer!

Tip of the week! To unclog your bathroom sink, simply take your favorite chemical based hair relaxer and pour down the drain where the clog is. Let stand for 30 to 45 minutes then pour steaming hot water down drain and your clog is gone! Many chemical based relaxers contain sodium hydroxide which is the […]

How to maintain a Silk Press wrap style

It is important to keep your natural hair moisturized, as dryness is the number cause of breakage. I recommend Design Essentials Silk. At bedtime wrap your hair. Once hair is wrapped apply a dime size or more ( depends on thickness and length) to your palm and rub together in your hand. Now smooth product […]